Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Anyone Can Write Erotica

No, that isn't some sort of tagline to get you to read this article. It really is true. Anyone can write erotica. It isn't as hard as you might think. But how do you go about writing erotica? Don't you need some sort of training? Maybe, but even that is simple. You can train yourself.

When I first started, I didn't have a clue how to write erotica. In fact, you can see it yourself by reading some of my first books. I was terrible, but I started to learn what worked and what didn't work by constantly writing and publishing new books.

One of the exercises I did to train myself was to watch videos. Yep, watching porn actually helped me write erotica. How exactly? What I did was watch the video, then I opened Word and began trying to describe what I had just watched.

I envisioned myself being in a room with a blind person in a wheelchair. If I was able to describe everything that was happening in such a manner that let them feel as if they were in the sex scenes, then they would pay me $1M.

Being able to describe every detail no matter how small is the key to writing successful erotic shorts. Sure, you need some sort of storyline, but the bulk of the story is going to be the sex. Every erotic story has the same elements in common. It is also common in romance books.

A good story has a main character who wants/needs something. They meet the person who is going to give it to them. The tension you build to the point where the actual act takes place is what keeps the reader engaged. They are so desperate to see the outcome of the situation that they keep reading.

Now short erotica is not going to get you a Pulitzer Prize, but that doesn't mean it should suck. A story about a pizza guy who gets blown because the girl doesn't have any cash isn't going to sell much. There has to be a purpose for the sex.

Maybe a guy is lured by the sight of a sexy woman who is half his age. What he doesn't know is that she has a fantasy about fucking older men. Building the tension to the point where he finally discovers her secret is what makes the reader want to see them fuck.

Everyone has fantasies. Bringing them to life is the key to having a successful publishing career writing erotica. Trust me, you have a story to tell. You just need to sit down and write it. If it makes you horny writing it, it is going to make your readers horny. That is what makes people want to read the erotica you write.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

So You Want To Publish Erotica

I see so many people joining groups wanting to publish erotic shorts.  They have read articles online about these people who made thousands publishing erotic shorts.  But is that really the case?

Years ago, when kindle first started, people were making bank writing erotic shorts.  But since then, amazon has been flooded with would be authors who tried to jump on the bandwagon and get their share of the cash flowing through kindle.

The days of easy cash are over.  You can no longer publish a couple of short titles and make serious cash.  Making money by publishing erotic shorts takes a lot of work these days.  You have to be a consistent publishing machine to just make the equivalent of beer money.

In order to make decent money publishing erotic shorts, you have to have well over 100 published titles.  I know, I've done it.  It is a constant grind publishing short stories.  Most new authors burn out before they get to a point where their return is enough to make them want to continue.

So, how do you make money on kindle?  Publish novels.  Yes, the longer the book, the better it does.  It's why so many short authors create bundles of books.  If you create a story based on romance, you can still interject lots of steamy sex, but you won't get stuck in the erotica category.  That is what makes you the cash.

Take a look at the Romance category and you will see just how popular the genre is.  You can fill it with hot, steamy sex and still list it as a romance because you have a story line with character development.

I would shoot for about 50k words and a nice, romantic cover.  Look at the top sellers and try to follow their design.  Don;t copy it, just look at the layout and how it is structured.  You should be able to get something close.  If you can't do graphics, just pop over to fiverr.com and get one done for a few bucks.

Writing erotic shorts is definitely a way to cut your teeth on self publishing.  Once you get comfortable with how things work, and some practice writing, you can move on to the full length novels and really start your sales engine cranking.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Dirty Grandpa?

The younger woman of the house had landed a job at a diner, and had often asked me to stop by and visit. One evening, my friend suggested we stop in. I'm glad we did. I had no idea she wanted the older man of the house, but she not only wanted me, she wanted my friend as well.

What started as some coffee and pie turned into so much more!


Friday, February 23, 2018

My Futa Boss: Futa on Girl Erotic Romance

After leaving college, I missed my futa roommate. But I was soon at my new job and getting acclimated. Things were going well until the day the owner called me into her office. Unbeknownst to me, she knew my college roommate and told me she had recommended me for this job. I began to wonder how they knew each other.

But my wonder only lasted a moment as she made a proposition to me that I thought I would never hear from a female boss. Was I going to be able to go through with this? Was she really what she claimed she was? I would soon find the answers to my questions.


Thursday, February 8, 2018

And Now For Something Different...

I had gotten an idea for a sci-fi book, then added a twist to it.  Not my normal genre, but challenging myself is always a great thing to get my creative juices flowing.  The result is The Futa Princess.

Kira has been recruited by the king to bring in a rogue general. When she is double crossed, she seeks revenge on the king.

She disguises herself and is presented to the princess for the consummation ceremony. When her turn arrives, she discovers the princess is a futanari as well.

Will she be able to consummate with the princess, or will her true identity be discovered before she gets her chance?


Saturday, January 27, 2018

Hot new series!

Welcome to the world of taboo!  A new three book series to get your juices flowing.  But don't blow your wad on the first one!  Make sure you read all three before using that towel!


I gathered as much courage as I could and slid my hand down between my legs and into the side of my shorts. I began to rub my labia as I looked at him.
“Mom ever do anything like this?” I asked.
He almost wrecked the car as he looked over and saw what I was doing.
“What are you doing? Stop that!” he yelled.
“Why? Don’t you like this? Don’t you want this?” I asked.
“It’s not right, you’re my daughter!” he said.
Sure, he was acting like it was bothering him and that it was wrong, but he couldn’t stop looking at what I was doing.
“Correction, stepdaughter,” I said with a sly smile.
I lifted my shirt up and exposed my tits to him as my other hand began to rub my nipples.
“Exciting, isn’t it?” I asked.
I think he ran out of words because all he did was look at me with his mouth hanging open.
“What if I told you I have wanted you for the last couple of years,” I told him. “If mom can’t satisfy you, then let me.”
He swallowed hard, and I knew I had him. I could see the tent growing in his pants as he watched what I was doing. I pulled my hand from my shorts and grabbed his, guiding it down to my pussy. I sighed as the warmth of his hand caused my cunt to tingle. He didn’t pull it back, so I helped him move it up and down my slit.
With his hand now stroking me, I reached over and placed my hand on that tent growing between his legs. His breathing was accelerated as I stroked his cock hard. I needed to feel it, to hold it in my hand. I unzipped his pants and pulled his fat cock out and began to give him a hand job right there on the freeway going seventy miles per hour!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

My WIfe's best Friend

My wife and I had been married for a few years, always experimenting with sex.  We had a very active sex life as compared to most.  We loved to please each other, but she had a friend that I could not get out of my mind.
Rachel was a tall blonde with curves for miles.  She was always with a new guy and never seemed to find the one she wanted.  We did a lot of activities with her, though I wondered why she wanted to be a third wheel.  She always wore very seductive clothing, and was a big tease, always flirting with me.
I used to fantasize about fucking her, but it was always just that.  I must admit, there were times my wife and I had sex that I imagined it was Rachel instead of my wife.  I didn’t see anything wrong with the fantasy as I assumed my wife had guys she fantasized about as well.  My biggest fantasy was having both of them at the same time.  Just thinking about that got my cock stiff.
We were hanging out one weekend enjoying some BBQ and drinking beers.  That was the start of what would become a fantasy being fulfilled.
“You know” Rachel started.  “We should go out dancing.”
“Yeah, and where would we do that?” my wife replied.  “There isn’t any place around here you can dance.”
“I was thinking that we should do an overnight and hit some clubs in the city,” she answered.
“What do you think, Geoff?” she asked me.
Now I loved to dance, and was good at it.  She knew I would be down for a night of dancing.
“I’m down with that,” I replied.  “But how do we know what clubs to go to?”
“Leave that to me,” she said.
“So when would this night out happen?” my wife asked.
“How about next weekend?” replied Rachel.
“I don’t think we have anything going on,” I said.
“Good,” she replied.  “Then it’s settled.  We’ll meet after work Friday and I’ll have everything ready.”
“Sounds good,” I replied.
I was ready for a night of dancing.  It had been a while since I had cut a rug and I was itching to go.  My wife and I got things in order during the week.  When Friday finally rolled around, we double checked everything and waited for Rachel.
Rachel rolled in about 15 minutes later.  She had on a knit top with tight jeggings.  I could see the outline of her pussy through her jeggings, and noticed the tents from her bare nipples pushing her top out.  She had very large nipples, and she loved to show them off.  I almost got a hard-on just looking at her hot body.  We gathered our stuff up and loaded it into the car, setting off for the city.